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The Lodge:La Becasina Delta Lodge is an exclusive luxury hotel in Tigre at the Paraná Delta area. Thought for rest, private overnight stops or exclusive work meetings, it offers 15 Bungalow- Suites, all individual, surrounded by water and hidden between the exuberant vegetation of the place. Located in Arroyo Las Cañas, a small stream at the Islands 2nd Section of Paraná River Delta´s, San Fernando district, province of Buenos Aires, the property is characterized by the semi- wild nature as well as by the scarce population. This area takes both banks on approximately 1 mile of Arroyo Las Cañas, for which a stay of relax and serenity is granted. Its 7 ½ ft. “palafitte” construction system has several structures that connect by bridges or wooden passageways. In the Main Deck, a swimming pool, two jacuzzis and a bar are perfect to spend time during the summer.

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Overlooking the stream or the ponds, the Bungalow - Suites, all identical in construction, offer a private deck for which the visitor´s tranquility is guaranteed. The Octagon is a dining room that overlooks the Island and you can have the traditional “asado” or the “catch of the day” as river fish is an excellent piece. The Lodge keeps the magic of a place thought with all the necessary comforts but without forgetting the wild enchantment of the zone. The lodge offers a varied program of activities which includes pedal boats, kayaks and trekking. For those interested in water sports, its possible to practice windsurf, water ski and wakeboard. Motorboating and sightseeing as well as birdwatching or fishing are great for those who love nature.


The surrounding water courses moderate temperatures. Days with extreme temperature are very rare due to the Delta´s latitude and the influence of the River Plate.
Winter(May/August): Day Min. expected temperature: 45 to 55 F
Summer(November/March): Day Max. expected temperature: 75 to 85 F.